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Our review paper on CLIL has been published!


It also took a long time…Our doctoral student worked hard on it. I guess two years have passed since the conception was first came up, and finally, we were able to publish it. It was also a long time from the acceptance notification to the publication… (tears). The number of articles we reviewed is more than 140. It is definitely a huge work

CLIL is a form of teaching in which the content of a specialty or subject is taught in the target language. Many universities are under pressure to internationalize their classes, and I believe that many of them are working to teach specialized courses in English. This is exactly what CLIL is. Of course, CLIL is not limited to universities, but also covers a wide range of subjects taught in English at the elementary and secondary levels.

While there are many examples of this in practice around the world, research is still in its infancy, that it has recently been the subject of a special issue of an international journal.

CLIL is quite difficult to design, implement, and operate, and it is a matter of experience. However, as educational technology research, we would like to present some perspectives on lesson design, and to make our findings available to many teachers so that they can work on CLIL. This review article reviews the current research on CLIL from the perspective of Merrill’s First Principle of Instruction in instructional design.

We hope that researchers, students, and practitioners interested in CLIL will read this article. The main author, a doctoral student, is conducting CLIL in Japanese language education, and we hope that she will be able to conduct good research based on this review.

Hao, H. and Yamada, M. (2021). Review of Research on Content and Language Integrated Learning Classes from the Perspective of the First Principles of Instruction, Information and Technology in Education and Learning, 1(1), Rvw-p001. https://doi.org/10.12937/itel.1.1.Rvw.p001

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