Yamada Laboratory, Kyushu University

Doctoral Student Selected for the Challenging Research Program for Next-Generation Researchers


Kyushu University has been selected by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for the Challenging Research Program for Next-Generation Researchers, and Mr. Geng X in Yamada Laboratory has been selected for this program! It was really a great news.

Mr. Geng is working on the development and research of a Japanese compound verb learning support system using AR. He has been obtaining research funds from outside the university since he was a master student and has been accepted to Springer and international conferences since he became a doctoral student. He is also very active as an RA in the AIP Accelerated Research Program. As his professor in charge, I am proud of him.

He is very close to the requirements to become a Candidate for a PhD degree, so I hope he will continue to do well. I’m counting on you to keep up the good work!