Yamada Laboratory, Kyushu University

To those who wish to study educational engineering

I hope that the students in my lab, regardless of which career path they take, will grow up to be active, engaged, and future professionals.
I hope that they will grow up to fulfill their potential as future professionals.
To this end, I hope that they will seek out various domestic and international resources on their own, proactively find learning opportunities, and grow.
As with a master's degree, it is unlikely that you will be taught everything from zero, whether you go to a company, a government agency, or a municipality, or whether you go on to a doctoral program!
(If you are a working student, I am sure you are familiar with and understand this).

What do you know, what don't you know, and what do you need to do in order to understand it?
What methods of learning (work) are right for you?
Professionally speaking, you are required to demonstrate metacognition and put it into action.
This is my teaching policy at my undergraduate school, and I am even more conscious of this when it comes to my master's degree.
I hope to make this laboratory a place where we can all learn these things, help each other, and grow together.

Yamada Laboratory is now accepting applications for admission to master's and doctoral programs.
If you want to contribute to the development of education in Japan and around the world, we always welcome you!


Masanori Yamada