Yamada Laboratory, Kyushu University

We celebrated our lab-mates’ graduation


Recently, we celebrated Ms. Hirata, who will be completing her master’s degree this year, and Mr. Xuewang Geng, who received his Ph.D. at the end of February. Although we couldn’t do this during the pandemic, it was the perfect season for it, so we decided to celebrate at an oyster shack!

This year, oysters have been in short supply, so prices have gone up a bit, and the shacks are closing earlier than usual. It seems like not many people were drinking much, but it made for a nice kind of party. We enjoyed the oysters with butter and lemon juice, and Mr. Geng brought a spicy chili sauce.

I tried it too, and it was absolutely delicious!
It’s unfortunate that the oyster shack will be closing in two months.

Next year, one student will be returning from a leave of absence, and another will be enrolling. There are many research projects we want to tackle, so we should boost our spirits at the oyster shack and face the new academic year with energy!