Yamada Laboratory, Kyushu University

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support last year. I appreciate it.

2024 has finally arrived. 2023 marked a new beginning for me. After returning from my sabbatical, I transferred from the Faculty of Arts and Science to the Data-Driven Innovation Initiative six months later and was promoted to professor. With this change, I have been exposed to various research initiatives, not just in education, but also at the forefront of data-driven research, and I am still learning every day. In September, I launched the Smart Learning Design Research Unit, which I manage. In addition to professors I have collaborated with in the past, I appointed Special Assistant Professor Xuewang Geng as the deputy head of the unit. We are joined by Professor Fukushima, who specializes in XR, Professor Fujita, who specializes in philosophy, and Professor Chen, a former student of Yamada Lab and currently an assistant professor under Professor Shimada (specializing in STEM education and AI research). Together, we aim to advance educational engineering research across various fields. Looking back on last year in terms of achievements…

We published three papers—two of which are in SSCI journals, and the remaining one is in the top 10%—and presented at three international conferences.

Having two papers published in SSCI journals was significant. However, the international conferences lacked vigor, which is something I need to reflect on. Although there was a decrease in students in my lab, I’m eager to actively pursue more this year! While not directly related to research achievements, it was truly beneficial to host two research meetings and a symposium on international research relations. I was particularly pleased to have had the opportunity to invite Professor Stephanie D. Teasley from the University of Michigan as the keynote speaker at the symposium.

Additionally, in a practical context, I had the honor of serving as the chair of the “Expert Panel on the Future of Specialized High Schools” organized by the Fukuoka City Board of Education. Discussing the future direction for Fukuoka City’s public high schools with fellow experts was an unprecedented and highly valuable experience for me. I never imagined I would end up as the chair—it’s quite amusing! However, the discussions were fruitful and even made the news. I look forward to continuing this excellent collaboration, both in research and in practice.

Looking ahead to next year, I currently have two papers under submission, and I really hope to manage to deal with them. Additionally, I aim to work hard on at least two more papers. I also want to make an effort to participate in international conferences next year, though it will depend on the development projects and budget available. I’m aiming to manage about three if possible. I had hoped to attend ICALT, but attending a conference in Northern Cyprus presents some challenges.

I also hope to host several symposiums organized by the Digital Society Creation Research Division of the DX Promotion Initiative, to which I belong.

I intend to continue working energetically and appreciate your ongoing support.