Yamada Laboratory, Kyushu University

My students will present at the JSET Fall 2022 National Conference


Finally, I have less than a month left to live in the United States. However, I am still in a busy schedule as I have not finished analyzing various data. I have to start preparing for my return soon. I have already gotten my airline ticket, contacted a moving company, and now I have to deal with the things I will not bring back to Japan, sell my car, etc. I will write a review of the sabbatical after I return home.

By the way, the 2022 Fall National Convention of the Japan Society for Educational Technology will be held in Kawasaki on September 10 and 11. The fall conference is a poster presentation. This year, it is supposed to be a hybrid event. Three of our students will be presenting, one in face to face and two online. If you are interested, please have a look.

Face to face
September 10, 2022, 10:10am-12:10pm, Act Studio
Xue Wang Geng and Masanori Yamada, Development of a Dashboard in a Japanese Compound Verb Learning Support System

On Demand
Saki Hirata and Masanori Yamada, Design of a Learning Support System for Acquiring “Phonetic Memory Strategy” in English Vocabulary Learning

Hao Hao and Masanori Yamada, Designing a CLIL class to support international students’ acquisition of academic writing skills

Conference Program

I hope this will be held face to face…